ToriOS Testing 2018.1

ToriOS Testing 2018.1


ToriOS is a GNU/Linux Operating System built for very old computers (NON PAE) and for those who are interested and brave enough to build their own system the way they like from a fully working base with GUI and minimal installed packages by default.

Latest testing iso available.

Taken from e-mail from Isreal (lead developer)

Ok everyone, I uploaded an ISO.

The one main issue I have noticed is that after install the timezone
appears to be incorrect, however timedatectl shows the timezone I chose,
so it *may* be a virtmanager bug related to the hwclock (hardware
clock). But it *may* be an OBI bug that is new.

Either way the interface is nice looking and seems to be more clear
(mostly). I must admit the keyboard chooser is probably confusing, but
possibly no more confusing than usual, and I tried to make the text helpful.

Download Links :-

Latest download links available ( as of 2018-20-01 )

OR just download it using wget/rsync/firefox/etc at:

All help in testing welcome,  we are on irc on Freenode if you want to chat. Please check the website (link above ) for other means of getting in touch.

Main test is on OBI

Please take note of any warnings / disclaimers on the website.