Continuing Professional Development



18/6/2019 – Online Safety –  Torbay Council i-learn

8/5/2019 – WRAP Workshop –  Torbay Council i-learn


14/2/2019 – Veterans Awareness Training –

14/1/2019 – The Contracts Register (procurement) – Torbay Council (I-learn)

14/1/2019 – Corporate Fraud and Error – Torbay Council (I-learn)

14/1/2019 – Equality in the Workplace – Torbay Council (I-learn)

14/1/2019 – Child Protection in Education – Educare

24th February 2018: Introduction to Child Protection (Torbay Council – i-learn system and class on 24th Feb)

  • Identify the four specific types of abuse and signs and symptoms of possible abuse
  • Take the appropriate actions where possible abuse is suspected
  • Be an effective advocate for the child or young person

21st Feb 2018 Introduction to Health and Safety – Virtual College.

16th February 2018: Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness.

Training Objectives:

  • To recognize vulnerabilities in young people
  • To spot common risk indicators of child sexual exploitation in young people
  • To understand the process of grooming
  • To consider the different models of CSE
  • To know what information to record
  • To know where to report any concerns

15th February 2018 : Induction to Safeguarding Children and Adults (Torbay Council – i-learn system)

  • Safeguarding is everyones responsibility
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence
  • Prevent

13th November 2017: Managing Conflict – Youth Genesis

5th September 2017: Behaviour Management – Growth Mindset (School CPD)

4th September 2017: CAP Child Protection / Safeguarding.

23rd Jan 2017: Workshop on Raising Awareness of Prevent (WRAP) (Torbay Council – i-learn system)

2016 Display Screen Equipment Torbay Council.

4th September 2016: Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering – online.

2nd / 3rd September: Safeguarding, Prevent, Health and Safety – Priory School

20th July 2016: First Aid at Work (online) – Torbay Council

19th July 2016: Equality and Diversity – Torbay Council

20th July 2014: Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering.

27th October 2011: Essential First Aid (all ages) St John Ambulance (3 hours).

23rd May 2011: Safer Working Practices v2 – Virtual College.

21st March 2011: Health and safety in the workplace – Virtual College.

4th October 2010: Introduction to Child Protection (Torbay Council).