Trap Door DVD : Review

Title : The Trap Door : Complete Collection
Format : DVD
RATING : BBFC U – Universal

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This is a single DVD containing seasons 1 and 2 of The Trap Door.  A Plasticine animation from the 1980s ( 1984/1986 ).

The first season, consists of 25 episodes, while season 2 is 15 episodes.

From the menu, you can chose each season. From the season sub-menu the episodes are in 5 episode blocks.  The total running time is 3 hours 20 minutes. This is for the 40 episodes which are roughly 5+ minutes in length.  There is an option to view the shows opening sequence and theme tune.

The whole collection is really nice. It should bring back the innocence of the 80’s TV series for children.  If you want to follow the adventures (or misadventures) or Berk or learn what happens if you open the trap door and release the horrors of what is ‘DOWN THERE’ then this is for you.

It is not scary, as it is aimed at children. Some of the creatures look quite sweet and innocent, some are friendly, others less friendly.  However they all seem to cause  mischief in their own way.

The only real character we don’t see, is the ‘Thing’, who lives upstairs.  The ‘Thing’ usually shouts to Berk with orders for some tasks for example making breakfast. There are a few characters who live beneath the trap door who are in several episodes.

We do see, more of the castle, what is outside, garden, swamp,  and outside on one of the towers.  We also get some of the lower regions beyond the trap door (as sometimes the characters end up venturing down below).  This full of all sorts of strange creatures and monsters, just waiting to escape via the trapdoor.

If you have children then this should keep them entertained for a few hours, maybe not all in one go.

I picked this DVD up for 50p at a charity shop, so it is worth keeping an eye out for it. For children today, it probably lacks all the glitz of the modern computer generated animation, but it makes up for that, with the innocence and simplicity of plasticine stop motion animation.