Trojans Sunday 22nd October 2017

Torbay Trojans Sunday 22nd October 2017

Rooking camp is now over,  new players are still welcome and the plan now is to develop skills further.  To quote the Trojans Facebook page.

The second week was another HUGE success for rookie turn outs. 59 in total!

Now rookie camp is over we will be continuing training through out 2017 to get all those whom are committed to joining the trojans ready for the returners in January for pre season.

More positional drills will take place and then eventually leading into contact which should start taking place in 4/5 weeks.

It’s not to late to join if you have interest! Please just message the page for any questions or details.

Until next Sunday have a great week and see you all on Sunday.


Sunday 22nd also sees the return of the NFL to the Uk but this week it is at Twickenham.

Week 7: Cardinals vs. Rams; Twickenham – Sun. 10/22