Update 07th Feb 2016


Yesterday I attended the Exeter Pi jam with Tom Brough and have put a write on the tech jam website.  I have also downloaded the latest ToriOS image.  This is so that I can carry on working on the JWM settings manager section for the manual.  The ToriOS team are still looking for more testers so if you want to get involved please get in touch via the ToriOS website or via on IRC. (freenode)

As there is still no rugby (local home and away games cancelled) I also caught up with the Torbay Trojans today.  They are hard at work preparing for the new season, so if anyone wants to play Football in summer 2016 and beyond or get involved in other ways then please get in touch via their website.   Don’t forget to night is Superbowl 50, (well it is more like early Morning when it starts.

This weekend also was the weekend that I finally decided to dump Twitter for reasons set out in the my previous post.   I can still be contacted on Diaspora, e-mail and IRC but am on both vktec and freenode now.