Update 2/4/2019


Been fairly busy recently.  I am currently chasing up a few things post a recent CYPP (Children and Young people partnership) meeting. Hopefully something will come of my proposal for a skills group.

I have also created  a Voltage Divider calculator in Python.  Nothing that special but useful for electronics.  Details on github.

Talking of which rebuilt a mood lamp project for the next Tech jam,  Sort of ties in with the Encounters arts project.

I would also like to build some logic gate circuits so I can help teach digital logic.   If I use a 74LS08 quad 2 input AND gates,  Then I can demonstrate and AND gate in the first instance.  Then use the same model to  build different gates.

More progress made on the EdX Linux course.

Sent for a manual for the foundation amateur radio License.

I have also contacted a local company called Sense Abilities and invited them to the next Tech Jam.  They do things with sensory equipment,  so their expertise could be very handy for the encounters project.

Learning more LaTeX too, starting to feel confident I may actually be able to teach some of this.,  maybe at the tech jam.

Code club went well too,   So looking forward to this coming Saturday for the next Code Club,

I think there is so much potential for people out there to collaborate and learn skills through free software contributions,  not just on the software side,  but documentation too.  As the documentation lead for TorIOS I am  looking for help with this.   Maybe creating a separate manual for testing and install as smaller documents.  `However general ToriOS help is more than welcome.  Should provide a good opportunity for people of any age.

Still looking for some paid work, perhaps in a school or other setting.