Update 20/9/2019

Lots of things have been happening recently.  Mostly good but others not so good.


On the plus side both Code Club and the Tech Jam are going well.  We still would like to see more people at the Tech Jam.   Next Code Club 21st September and 5th October, with the next Tech Jam being on the 12th October.

I also spent some yesterday morning, putting together a display for the Library foyer to promote code club. While this didn’t take too long, at least gives us some much needed exposure. It should also  hopefully generate interest and awareness of Code Club in general.


Still looking for paid work, in the meantime, I am trying to network with people, attend events and try and get myself noticed.  Slow work but Code Club and the tech jam seem to be helping with this.


I have the second of 5 online safety courses booked on the 24th September. This should be useful and informative and is relevant to some of my lines of work. Even though I am not working there is no excuse for not keeping CPD updated.  If nothing else, no one can accuse me of not keeping my training and knowledge up to date.

I also attended a peer development meeting on 18th September,  this was interesting to see what is going on out there.


I have been looking at doing more general courses with Open Learn.  I am still keen to develop a way to support people with this online learning.


I am hoping to catch up with the local digital champion for Learn my Way at some point to ask if they can use my skills.


I have also updated my LinkedIn profile by uploading copies of certificates. This at least helps evidence some of my CPD.


Lots of really good discussion on the decentralized social media network(s).  I have now also signed up to peertube so share any videos or at least helps me to collate videos that have already been shared.  I set up an account for the SDTJ too.


I had a meeting booked with the YMCA on the 4th September.  This was canceled at the last minute, and attempts to re-arrange have failed.  If I phone, I then have to wait in for hours till they call back, however fallen in to this trap before and wasted whole days waiting in,  I am reluctant to do this, e-mail is far more convenient as there is a written record of the information.

Play Torbay are also meant to be running a Playwork course sometime in September,  but there is no date on their website and e-mails to ask about this go unanswered.   Having been scammed with a play work course before I am starting to assume this advert is also a scam.   Normally details are published well in advance,  do people not realize other people need to plan ahead.