Update 31/8/2017


Now heading towards the end of the summer holidays.   As previously mentioned by attempts to find summer volunteer work failed so I am hoping to start something computer related up with the Library over 1/2 term.

I have also completed a SQL course with codecademy.   Very interesting and I have now utilised my 2nd computer to run an MySQL server,  this is also being used as a Assaultcube server,  and despite initial issues with people connecting these should now be solved as the server should be private.

I am now concentrating on promoting the Tech jam.  I have contacted Youth Genesis today (31/8) and also e-mailed Emma at So fly (well the windmill centre) as the so fly website seems to be down or not working properly. So hopefully she will get back to me.

In the meantime I have added a section on this website to the Digital Skills award syllabus with the view of highlighting how the same skills can be developed using Free, libre and open source software  (FLOSS) as well as services such as GNU Social and Diapora.  I didn’t get a response from Learndirect in Torquay sadly,  It seems that Learndirect are in a spot of trouble and some centres are now due for closure.