Update 6/11/2018

Update 6/11/2018

Just a quick update on recent activities. Last week I spent 3 days at a local secondary school on a self arranged work experience. I spent two days with the IT department helping with various lessons and one day with the Science department again helping with various lessons. Over the three days I worked with most of the age groups but mostly year 8 to year 12.

This proved to be a very useful few days. I actually feel more confident that I can really make a positive contribution to classrooms in a support role, and also feel that secondary education could be more suitable, However I think that beibg in both would help develop an understanding of what children leave primary school with in terms of knowledge gained.

I also made a few contibutions to lessons, explaining concepts such as the formula for working out how many Hydrogen atoms attach to the carbon chains in molecules such as propane, pentane etc Hn = C2+2H so if there are 5 Carbon atoms you have twice as many Hydrogens + two more. So in this case the end formula would be C5H12. Going back to computing I did contribute one lesson, and asked about negative comments there is a difference beween a negative comment about a service, e.g not up to standard, or a comment that can be described as trolling. So as a business you need to deal with both.

I an due to spend 3 days at a Primary school this week.

In other news Code Club is going well. So that will commence on the 17th November. The sesson after that is just before the US computer science week starts so I a tempted to try and run a Hour of Code session. However there also seems to be interest from parents for them to learn more about what we are doing at Code Club, so this could be a really good opportunity to engage further with the community.

I am still slowly learning more LaTeX, which is great for writing up a huge range of documents. I have just found some of the packages to create tables, so even the bchart package has a good few features.

I am also looking to present a project similar to what I undertook with the Department of Work and Pensions earlier this year. I have a good few ideas, which include the physical computing aspect but also perhaps to look at some of the many learning platforms out there,

The hardest thing is to turn all this in to paid employment, Surely being able to cover the cost of bus fares is not too much to ask, but given the time it takes to keep equipment maintained, keep resources up to date, create fresh resources etc should be taken in to account. These things don’t ‘just’ happen.

I have updated my simple introduction to LaTeX presentation.  This could be presented at a future South Devon Tech Jam once we get started again.

So in all a fairly busy week.  I will post an update about my work at the primary school next week.  I don’t want to write too much for privacy and safeguarding reasons.  I can discuss further at job interviews for example.