Update week ending 1st July

Another busy week draws to a close.

I sent for a RFID module which after some experimentation and help from Tom Brough on IRC,  the code that came with the projects book has been corrected so this works properly.  Please see notes / comments on the tech jam blog post for details.

Today 1st July saw the release of Linux mint 18.

I have also been having a look at Arduino Create the new Web IDE, this looks pretty good,  as you can store code in the cloud which has the advantage of better sharing / collaboration on code,  the downside is that it is stored on a remote computer and replies on you having access to an internet connection,  you can however upload zip archives of projects and the IDE sorts everything out for you,  same for drivers for hardware.

Remember with the cloud,  “There is no cloud, just someone else’s computer,”  while this is mainly aimed for privacy you are still at the mercy of the person who owns that hardware, if it fails you are stuck.

This week I also started work on a Tmux (Terminal Multiplexer) presentation.


I am still looking for work in a holiday club to perhaps share some of this stuff with local young coders / hackers over the summer.   If you are able to take me on please get in touch.