Updates May 2018


The past week has seen a somewhat flurry of activity around a range of different issues.

Firstly,  I was contacted with regard to CoderDojos starting up in Devon.   This is really exciting as it takes Code Club to the next level and extends participation to 7 – 17 year olds.   There should be a number starting up around Devon as well as on in Holsworthy.  So this seems to have involved quite a few e-mails and visits to the library but all this is coming together.  Need to talk to Neil from codeclub on Saturday about a wish list.  First on this for me is new Raspberry Pi’s as I am still struggling to get the Pi’s from code club (2nd Gen) to work properly.

I have also upgraded my netbook to 2Gb RAM. This should offer a performance boost.  But as it costs about £13 to update it is worth doing anyway.   I run Xubuntu so not exactly resource heavy.

I have also been setting up two netbook with the Raspbian desktop so that they now work with GPIO Expander. This was just a case of running the update commands.  I can now plug in a Pi zero and get access to the GPIO from a netbook or any PC with the Raspbian Desktop.  Should be good when working in schools or clubs.  One advantage with this is there is no need for a separate PSU or SD card on the actual Pi zero.   Just plug from USB on computer to the USB socket on the Pi zero (NOT the power USB socket).

As per previous post I am doing another future learn course and am still not sure what is going in with the DWP project.