Veterans awareness training


On 14/2/2019, I attended a course presented by SEAP ( ) aimed at raising awareness of Veterans’,  their needs and how their life in the military can impact their life out side of the military.

For example finding jobs can be harder veterans may not be used to interviews,  within the military finance such as bills, (rent, utility) etc are taken care of.  So being aware of this should help people who come in to contact with veterans more able to work with them for stronger outcomes.

Other items we discussed were things like CVs as in the Military you have a service record which is not easily translatable to a CV for the civilian world,  so while you may have the skill set for the job. Also there is not always time within service to undertake qualifications.  Despite this veterans are highly employable and you may just need to adjust to their needs for way of doing things.

This training is excellent and highly recommended.   I am not sure how this will translate in to working in schools, other than perhaps helping with parents who are in the Military or Ex Military.   It may however help if working directly with adults and any veterans within that group,. If my Skills group idea can be presented to adults, then this training will be useful in trying to take in to account the needs of veterans.


A few of the links we were given- I will put the gateway first.Veterans Gateway –

Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force Association, SAFA –  

e-mail:  devon@

Royal British Legion

Help for Heroes –

Combat Stress –

Big White Wall –

The poppy factory –


A big thank you to Kevin at SEAP for this training.