Weechat Tutorials 2

This is the second in a series of Weechat Tutorials.   The first one is here.

This time we are going to look at automating the joining of channels (see later about auto joining servers)

As with last time in the text input box type /fset autojoin and press enter.

The procedure is similar to before.  Press the up / down arrows to select the server you want to edit the auto join list.  So for example scroll down to freenode and press alt-enter.

The area below the blue information bar at the bottom now contains a list of channels you auto join,  this can be edited.   You need to separate channels with a comma and prefix channel names either with # or ##  depending.

Press enter to save.

You can then click back on the channel list.  The next time you open weechat you should auto join the channels.

On a similar note to this.  You can select / control the servers you autojoin by using

/fset servers autojoin

So again you can scroll up / down and press alt-enter. To get edit the line of text,  then press enter to save.