What have I done this morning ?

Things seem to happen in blocks.

Today, I picked up the latest issue of Linux voice April 2015.  This has a big feature on the Raspberry Pi 2.

I have also asked for more flyers for code club,   So I can try and drum up some local interest in this.

I have also replaced my XUbuntu 14.04 install usb flash disk with one that has the ubuntu mini installer on it,  this opens up a minimal install option so that any desktop can be installed with a specific software set.   For the cluster project this means we can get ssh server starting up from a console, install python and any related modules,  install gnu / parallel and then use that computer as a cluster node by just booting in to that specific install option.

Sonic pi 2.0 is also working on my pi.  So ready for a possible demo at the next pi jam.