White Rock Festival of learning

Today I spent a few hours at the White Rock Festival of learning,  which was up at White Rock Primary School, Paignton.


This provided a great opportunity to showcase a few Arduino projects as well as promote the Tech jam.  This went really well and we should have a few more people at the next jam.  made a few face to face contacts with people I have been in touch with on twitter so we may get some drones at the next jam,  can’t fly drones in the library but we can at least have a look and discuss them.

The projects I took with me included :

  • Obstacle avoiding robot
  • PIR sensor,  (which is a little too sensitive)
  • IR LED (this seemed to pick up backgroud IR as the day started quite warm)
  • Mood light
  • Flickering LED
  • LED Matrix – customized message for the Festival

The robot proved popular as it usually does.  I did have power issues though, due to cheap £land batteries, which I picked up en-route,  they really can’t hack it.

So it was well worth attending,  I left mid afternoon batteries were starting to run low anyway, so I can spend the next week or so sorting those, out charging the batteries, power banks and making sure that the box is prepared for the next event I attend.