Worksheets and programming resources 1


I am working on a set of worksheets to explain / demonstrate various programming ideas.   However as Scratch 3.0 is very close to release I am using this as a basis for these resources.

I will be releasing under some sort of creative commons license, however as I am also looking for paid work feel that just releasing them will end up with people taking them, using them in the classroom.  I would like these to lead to paid work in a classroom or other setting.

So far I have created a worksheet that helps to create a simple countdown timer.   I am now working on moving a sprite around the screen and this has some degree of collision detection built in.   So I am basing this on what I create for the FutureLearn programming course.

I also would like to create similar resources for languages such as Python and Ruby,  should be simple enough for the countdown timer.

Perhaps create something similar to the Scratch -> Python but go from Scratch -> Ruby.

List of current worksheets:

Scratch 3 : Countdown timer

Scratch3 : Movement

Scratch3 : Collision detection

While I am putting these under a cc-by-sa license. I am not going to share them with just anyone.  I am looking for PAID work in schools as a TA, as part of this I can hopefully support the IT curriculum.   I can use these as part of my own resource set within that post.

I can perhaps use these resources as part of a holiday club,  again this has to be PAID.  But they would simply be printed and brought in on the day.

I am however going to test them out as part of Code-Club in Paignton.