zbar and qrcodes – testing needed

The following code block works fine on my PC and webcam, and printed qr codes

#version 3.0
import zbar
import sys
class QRCode():
    data = None
    proc = None
    scanner = None
    def qr_handler(self,proc,image,closure):
        # extract results
        for symbol in image:
            if not symbol.count:
                self.data = symbol.data
    def __init__(self):
        self.proc = zbar.Processor()
        self.scanner = zbar.ImageScanner()
        self.proc.visible = False
#display cam window if True,  hide if False
        self.proc.active = True
    def get_data(self):
#if(QRCode().get_data() == "test"):
#	print "DATA IS test"
data = QRCode().get_data()
if (data == "test"):
	print "data is test"
elif (data == "EXIT"):
	print "data is EXIT"
# blue LEDS
elif (data == "LEDBlueON"):
	print ("Data is LEDBlueON")
elif (data == "LEDBlueOFF"):
	print ("Data is LEDBlueOFF")
# Green LEDS
elif (data == "LEDGreenON"):
	print ("Data is LEDGreenON")
elif (data == "LEDGreenOFF"):
	print ("Data is LEDGreenOFF")
# Red LEDS
elif (data == "LEDRedON"):
	print ("Data is LEDBRedN")
elif (data == "LEDRedOFF"):
	print ("Data is LEDRedOFF")
# Yellow LEDs
elif (data == "LEDYellowON"):
	print ("Data is LEDYellowON")
elif (data == "LEDYellowOFF"):
	print ("Data is LEDYellowOFF")
# All ON
elif (data == "LEDSON"):
	print ("Data is LEDSON")
elif (data == "LEDSOFF"):
	print ("Data is LEDOFF")
#if(__name__ == "__main__"):
 #  print QRCode().get_data()


The issue seems to be with the raspberry pi,  I keep gettting errors suggesting there is a problem with /dev/video

If anyone can perhaps download and test this please It may help to narrow down problems it could be that my pi and webcam don’t work properly with each other.

git clone https://github.com/zleap/python-qrcode

should get you the code,  even though the website seems to give this as the clone url https://github.com/zleap/python-qrcode.git

I figured that the only way to find out what is going wrong would be toget the code out there and get people with pis and different webcams to test.  it could just be the wrong combination I have here.